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It is undeniably true that stories play a significant role in the life of a human. It is through stories that sometimes a thug becomes a saint and the layman becomes a rich man. Stories teach us lessons, lessons that motivate us and guide us. They give us a chance to take ideas from the success of others and make us mindful of the causes of the failures of others.


Tales, anecdotes, and events are full of morals, lessons for every class of people, children and adults, men and women alike. These stories leave a deep impression on the reader's mind and contribute to creating a revolution in people’s lives.


This book is clear, succinct, and easy to understand. The compiler has put in a great deal of effort in compiling this book, gathering stories from dozens of Arabic, Urdu, and English sources.


It covers many inspirational Women, some of them are:


  • The Mother of Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali al-Hasani al-Nadwi
  • The Mother of Mawlana Umar Palanpuri
  • A pious Maid
  • Umme Shareek 
  • Hadhrat 'Uzair AS’s slave girl
  • The daughter of Fudhayl b. ‘Ayādh 
  • Umm Sulaym bint Milhān
  • An obedient woman
  • Fasting in Rajab
  • Khwaja Nizamuddin Awliyā and his mother’s complete faith in Allāh
  • The Pious Queen

Women who amazed us

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    Mawlana Abu Bakr

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    al-Adab Publishing

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