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This is a book by  Shaykh Abu Usamah from South Africa.  It covers several major unfounded doubts in the minds of many concerning the issues of following a madhhab (School of Islamic Law).


The book is in question and answer format which makes it easier to comprehend. A lot of the discussions have been adapted from “Atharul Hadith” of  Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah (may Allah protect him) which has been extremely successful in eradicating many contemporary misconceptions.


Some of the issues tackled in this book are:


  • What is the need for different madh-habs when there is one Quran and one Nabi?
  • Why do only four Madh-habs exist?
  • Can all four schools of jurisprudence be concurrently correct?
  • If a man claims to be following the fiqh of Imam Bukhari, will he not be on the straight path?
  • Explanation of taqlid through a practical example.
  • Lists of distinguished scholars of Hadith, who lived in different centuries and hailed from various lands, that followed each of the four madh-habs.
  • Is it correct to say "I am a Muhammadi - not a Hanafi/Shafi"?


The book consists of twenty-five similar questions about taqlid.

At the end of the book a summary has been presented of a debate between Albani and al-Buti. Thereafter, as an example of how easily people are misled, the issue of performing salah with short sleeves has been dealt with in detail.

Who are the blind followers? Is Taqleed Necessary?

  • Translator

    Mawlana Abu Usama Ayyub

  • Volume


  • Publisher

    Miftahuddin Islamic Institute

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