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Usool al-Bazdawi: This title was perhaps one of the best works in Usul from the early scholars of the Hanafi's, in the sense that it goes into depth on Usul al-Fiqh as well as its Furu.

This work has enjoyed extensive commentaries and annotations with some Hadith editorial work.


Usool al-Bazdawi

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  • Author

    Imam Fakhrul Islaam Ali bin Muhammad al-Bazdawi al-Hanafi

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Maktab al-Matboo'at al-Islamiyyah

  • Edition

    1st edition, 2014

  • Tahqeeq

    Dr Saa'id Bakdaash

  • About This Print

    This print has extensive studies and researched analysis. It also contains another work which was written as a Hadith editorial and is printed on the marginal notes. It was an early and classical work by a Hanafi Muhadith of his day.

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