'Uqud Rasm al-Mufti is a poem work designed to ease the memorisation for the student on all issues related to Fatawa in Hanafi Madhab. The same author of the Manzumah commented on this work because he wanted to put a useful commentary on the manzuma 'Rasm al-Mufti' so as to facilitate clear message and expound its unclear text.

Uqud Rasm al-Mufti

  • Author

    Allamah Ibn Abideen al-Hanafi

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Dar al-Ihsan

  • Edition


  • Pages


  • Tahqiq

    Ahmed Ridha Khan al-Hanafi

  • About This Print

    This text contains the Manzuma matn at the beginning with the commentary of by the author himself. Extensive introduction by Shaykh al-'Alimi and with additional annotation by Imam Ahmed Raza Khan.

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