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A detailed analysis of the status of women in Islam in light of the Quran, along with the comparitive study on the status of women in other religions.


In many verses throughout the Quran, Allah elucidates the respect, honour, rights and lofty status of women. Allah has revealed a complete chapter in the Quran called "The chapter of Women" as well as a chapter regarding a pure, chaste women called "The chapter of Maryam"


An extremely beneficial read, especially for women of this day and age. Read this book to gain insight into the status of women and explain the beauty of Islam to others.


The Status of a Woman in Islam

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  • Author

    Sahykh Idris Falahi

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Shaykh Idris Falahi, UK

  • Edition

    1st Edition, 2019

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