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Currently, the deeni decline of the ummah is on account of many factors, among which the key factors are:

  1.  The weakness of Imaan
  2.  The disunity of the ummah
  3. The breakdown of hayaa (shame and modesty)
  4. The degeneration of Islamic values through adopting the culture and lifestyle of the kuffaar.


Hence, in order to rekindle within the hearts of the ummah the flames of love for Allah, love for deen and the sunnah, and love for the Muslims, which are the core elements of success in the ummah, the need was felt to commence a series in which these vital aspects would be briefly discussed.


This series commenced under the name “The Orchards of Love”. This book is a collection of many articles from this series. It is hoped that this book may be useful for Ulama and students who wish to prepare a lecture, as an effort was made to quote the relevant Aayaat and Ahaadith on each topic, together with an inspirational incident so that the lesson be well illustrated and easily understood.


Similarly, this book is also recommended to be used in the daily home ta’leem as well as in the maktab or madrasah syllabus, as it will assist in instilling the correct Islamic values in the children.


The Orchards of Love

  • Author

    Mufti Zakaria Makada

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Madrasah Taleemuddeen, South Africa

  • Edition


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