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The love and admiration of the Mahdī is a quality instilled in the hearts of the believers and shall In Shā’ Allāh, upon his emergence, be a uniting factor for many Muslims around the globe.

Recognising the Mahdī however shall itself be a test from amongst the many that the Ummah will have to face as it nears the end of time. Much effort will obviously be made by shayṭānī agents to distort the image of the Mahdī, in order to turn the masses away from him.

Educating oneself and one’s family with regard to the Mahdī, regarding his era of emergence, his lineage, his features, the place of his origin, the manner in which he shall emerge, etc., is thus imperative.

The book before you has been prepared as an aid to understand the issue of the Mahdī, in the light of the authentic narrations quoted from Rasūlullāh ﷺ.

The Mahdi in the Light of the Narrations

  • Author

     Abu Muhammad Moulana Ridwan ibn Dawood

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  • Publisher

    Zam Zam Publishers

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