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Gift for the Seeker summarises the path the servant must traverse to reach his Lord. It combines the Islamic sciences of revealed theology, jurisprudence, character and spiritual discipline. The author has drawn on authorative sources of the Hanafi school, such as: 'Kanz al-Daqaa'iq', 'al-Ghurrar', 'Tanweer al-Absaar', and 'al-Waqiyah'.


"The book has been translated and explained by my gracious, beloved brother and student. I found him to be an enthusiastic and resolute student of knowledge. I beseech Allah to bless Shaykh Zaqir, to bless his work, to bless the readers of this book and may this book be in his deeds as an intercessor for him on the day he meets Allah."

Shaykh Mohammed Wail al-Hanbali al-Hanafi - Istanbul, Turkey


"A valuable contribution to the growing number of English translations of traditional Islamic texts. Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir is to be congratulated for rendering the renowned Ahsa'i scholar Imam Abu Bakr al-Mulla al Ahsa'i's primer in basic Islamic beliefs and worship. This book can serve as an introductory text for those seeking to learn basic matters of creed and the fiqh of worship according to the Hanafi school of Sunni Islamic Law."

Mufti Muhammad b. Adam al-Kawthari - Darul Ifta, Leicester, UK

The Gift for the Seeker

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    Imam Abu Bakr b. Muhammad Mulla

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    Dar al-Arqam Educational Trust

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