The Arabic Sentence book is an educational Arabic grammar learning book for students. The Arabic Sentence Book uses English grammar to learn the basic rules of Arabic grammar. This book explores the foundation of grammar and begins at an elementary level. It contains theoretical rules with practical exercises and tasks to ease the learning of Arabic for students.


The Arabic Sentence book contains a set colour coded technique to learning the correct grammatical formation of sentences. This book looks in detail at nouns, prepositions, pronouns and many more basic concepts of grammar. The book really solidifies the basics of grammar and uses varied forms of tasks to implement the grammatical function in English and in Arabic.


Arabic is a much sort after language and thousands of students each year decide to embark on the journey of learning this language. With this book they can start at a foundational level and build up their confidence in mastering the core of compiling short, yet very effective sentences.


The book uses many new ways of approaching the Arabic language for instance by using tree diagrams for sentences also known as sentence parsing. There are tables and examples for each sentence. The book has a dedicated organisation by repeating the previous topics in each new topic, thus ensuring a strong foundation to the language and no need for homework, or long hours of self-studying.


The book uses a specific set of Arabic vocabulary ensuring that a student will see the same word being repeated many times. Thus enabling them to learn the word without memorising thousands of words. An example of the exercises and tasks is already done to help students in learning and encourages them to learn from examples.


The Arabic Sentence book focuses each chapter on the English grammar rules and has specific exercises for them. There is also review sheets to track students' progress and practice exams that they can do to see how well they have learnt the language.


This book would benefit educational sectors in which a foreign language is taught as well as schools and private education. It can be also used for self-studying for new users to the Arabic language, or those who have previously learnt the language.


The Arabic Sentence book came about from teaching secondary school students and seeing how these students became more familiar to the language with such ease. These students were of mixed abilities, yet they all managed to learn the foundations of Arabic grammar. When the students were struggling on a specific part of Arabic, it gave me the ability to produce more creative exercises in order for them to fully understand. All of this hard work and culmination of years have been brought together in this one book.


As the author of the book, I have had my own personal battle with grasping the Arabic language and I only appreciated the language once I began teaching it to young minded students. I found it difficult to find a book that explained the Arabic language in a way that I could understand. I memorised the rules but found it hard to practically implement them, especially if you do not live in an Arabic speaking country.

When teaching this language to youngsters, I did not want to teach them rules. I created methods and examples from the English language and identified resembling features that can be used in both languages. Students enjoyed the lessons and were eager to finish the worksheets. Teaching Arabic for more than five years allowed me to think of different ways of approaching the language and these methods are compiled with in this book. 


This book is unique as it contains different methods of learning and it has been tried and tested on young individuals. If it can work on them it can work on all!     

The Arabic Sentence

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