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Sadly some students are not taught correctly or fail to grasp the lessons or fully understand Hidaayah without making errors. This work is an attempt at remedying this situation, both on the part of the teachers as well as part of the students. It teaches the teachers how to teach Al-Hidaayah better, and it teaches the students how to understand Hidaayah better; hence, it is an indispensable kitaab for both asaatidhah and the talabah.


Along with being a guide on how to teach and study Al-Hidaayah, this book also gives detailed and beneficial information with regards to Usul al-Fiqh, Qawaa'id al-Fiqh and Dhawaabit al-Fiqh; these are presented in list form along with relevant 'ibaarat from Al-Hidaayah by which one can see a practical implementation of them and how the rulings are derived from them.


A Students Guide to the Meanings of Hidayah

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    Mufti Abu Lubaba Shah Mansoor

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    Mustafah Publishers

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