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Hayat al-Nabi and Sima Mawta are two separate issues, upon the first there is Ijma of the Ummah and for the second there has been a difference of opinion from the time of the Sahabah. Unfortunately due to the strict stance of some people on the second issue they have denied the Ijma on the first issue. To the extent that some have even said Sima Mawta has Ijma upon it. 


In this work Mawlana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar has proven that there has been a difference of opinion upon the issue of Sima Mawta from the time of the Sahabah and that the Jamhur Ahl al-Sunnah do not reject Sima Mawta. However, as evidence exists on both sides it is wrong to label any side as innovators or misguided. 

Sima'a al-Mawta

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  • Author

    Mawlana Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar

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    Maktabah Safdariyyah, Gujranwala

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