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A complete work on the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), beginning with the incidents that occurred before the sacred birth of the Prophet Muhammad, completing with the death of the Prophet (SAW). Special attention is given to the many famous battles, described in perfect detail, assisted by the authors personal visit of the battle sites.



The first thing that attracted me to the kitaab was the wonderful picture of the Green Dome of Musjidun Nabawi (SAW) on the cover of Volume 1 and the picture of the Raudha Mubarak of Nabi (SAW) on the cover of Volume 2. My Honourable Shaikh Hadhrat MI Yunus Patel Saheb R.A used to say that there are many green domes around the world with some having wonderful lighting etc to further enhance their beauty but none can come anywhere close to the beauty of the Green Dome in Madinah Sharif beneath which lies the greatest after Allah Ta'ala i.e our beloved Master Nabi (SAW).


Unfortunately I just could not find time to read the kitaabs. Eventually I introduced it as a supplementary kitaab to the seerah lessons of our maktab learners and I began reading the kitaab Volume 1 to them on Friday afternoons. 

The enthusiasm of the learners was remarkable and they began really looking forward to Friday afternoons. Page by page my attachment to the kitaab increased as by reading it the love for Nabi (SAW) was being kindled in my heart.


As Ramadaan  drew closer, I began contemplating as to what Ramadaan Programs to have in the Musjid. It was Allah Ta'ala's doings that we decided to use the same kitaab as a guide to discuss the Seerah of Nabi (SAW). 


Alhamdulillah firstly I, myself and many others, male and female, young and old really benefitted and truly enjoyed this kitaab, so much so that after Ramadaan many musallees requested me to please continue with the seerah lessons as we had only covered Volume 1 in Ramadaan.


Alhamdulillah due to the ikhlaas (sincerity) of the author Allah Ta'ala has made it possible for us to continue the seerah lessons weekly.


The wonderful thing about the way Hadhrat Ml Yakoob Saheb has written the kitaab is that with mentioning various aspects of Seerah which are normally only found in kitaabs written in Arabic or urdu which many Ulema, forget the general public will not research, Hadhrat has given the reference of the kitaabs as well.


Hadhrat MI has really simplified for us the study of the seerah by giving us in capsule form the fruits of His many years of study and teaching.


May Allah Ta'ala accept this noble effort, make it a means of the love for Nabi (SAW)permeating our hearts and may it be a means of spurring us and encouraging us to inculcate the sunnah of Nabi (SAW) in our lives. May Allah Ta'ala reward Hadhrat MI Yakoob 'Saheb, his family, friends, students and all those who assisted in any way in the editing, printing and publishing of this kitaab. Aameen.


My Honourable Shaikh Hadhrat MI Yunus Patel Saheb R.A used to quote a couplet;
Madinah ki nisbat he qeemat meri wagar naa haqeeqat me saste he hum
Meaning that our value in the sight of Allah Ta'ala will be judged by how much attachment we have to Nabi (SAW) otherwise in reality we have no value.


Foreword by MI Dawood Seedat (DB)
-Khalifah of Hz Ml Yunus Patel (RA)

Seeratun Nabi Vol 1-8

  • Author

    Mawlana Yaqub Patel

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Madrasah Mueinul Islam, South Africa

  • Edition


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