Sayyiduna Isa (alayhis salam) - A Prophet od Islam, discusses and presents a clear and concise picture of the life of one of the most revered prophets of Islam, Sayyiduna Isa (alayhis salam).


It concentrates on the important aspects of his birth, prophethood, ascent, descent and death, removing from the mind of the young reader many misconceptions.


this popular book will help strengthen our children's beliefs regarding Sayyiduna Isa (alayhis salam). It is essential for every household, madrasah, school and library.

Sayyiduna Isa alayhis salam

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  • Author

    Sahykh Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

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  • Publisher

    Islamic Dawah Academy

  • Edition

    2nd Edition, 2017

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