This is a small treatise written by one of the Bangladeshi scholars from the 13th Hijri century al-‘Allamah al-Shaykh Muhamamd Abd al-‘Alim al-Silhaty (may Allah’s mercy be upon him). He had written this in Arabic at a time when most of the Bangladeshi scholars would write in either Persian or Urdu.


The author has discussed, in this treatise of his, the concept of guidance and misguidance through explaining and detailing, demonstrating through Qur’anic verses and Prophetic Hadiths, whilst deriving from the books of the early scholars and discussing therein some of the opinions of his contemporaries. This is often all mentioned in clear and easy terms, with useful footnotes and explaining comments.


He has called it “Tamziq al-Dalalah bi Tahqiq al-Hidayah” (The destruction of misguidance through the ascertainment of guidance) and made it into an introduction and two chapters. He has mentioned in the first:

“I wanted to compose a treatise on the ascertainment of guidance and misleading and mention what mistakes are made in regards to both, heading for the right doctrine even if it was not headed for by most and following the plain truth even if it was disagreed by those well-known, and to make it a gift for the Prime Minister and Secretariat, the greatest minister and the noblest Prince, Sir Turab Ali Khan Salar Jung Mukhtar al-Mulk Bahadar – may the light of his rule be everlasting.”

Risalah fi Tahqiq Ma'na al-Hidayah

  • Author

    Allamah Muhammad Abdul Aleem al-Silhati

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Dar al-Fatah

  • Edition

    1st Edition, 2020

  • Tahqiq

    Mahfoodh Ahmad

  • Pages


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