Upon the issue of Mukhtar Kul Mawlana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar authored a work Dil Ka Surur. In response a Brelwi scholar Mawlana Sayyid Husain al-Din Shah published Hidayah al-Ahbab Fi al-Tasarruf Ma Fawq al-Asbab better known as Nur-i-Hidayat. Mawlana Sarfraz Khan Safdar through this work Hidayah al-Mirtab proves using clear evidences that when a miracle manifests itself on the hand of a prophet it is only through the power of Allah

Rah Hidayat

  • Author

    Mawlana Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar

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  • Publisher

    Maktabah Safdariyyah, Gujranwala

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