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A compelling collection of 26 insightful lessons derived from the Glorious Qur'ān. These lessons, originally presented during the nocturnal Ramaḍān voluntary prayers (Ṣalāt al-Tarāwīh) and lectures in Ramaḍān 2022, provide a deep dive into the Islamic worldview.


The book meticulously compiles these teachings, offering readers a rich tapestry of Islamic piety, encompassing devotional worship, creeds, social conduct, morals, and eschatology. The lessons are grounded in a selective thematic approach, with each lesson drawing from classical Qur’ānic exegesis and ḥadīth literature. It also includes inspiring stories from the early and subsequent generations of Muslims, making it a treasure trove of spiritual and ethical guidance.


Prepare for Ramadan by connecting with inspiring lessons and gems from the Qur’an!

Quranic Gems

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    Shaykh Ashraf Makadam

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