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After the great scholar - Mufti of Sham - Mahmud Al-Hamzawi had been awarded the administration of Awqaf in Damascus and taken the responsibility of fatwa, and had realised the difficulty of organising the issues of Awqaf due to its many branches and similarities, he decided to expand the most important issues of Awqaf and condensed it in brief expressions and short words.


The writer, rahimahullah, presented the rulings of Awqaf, summarising them in fifty brief rules - each one followed by a simple and easy explanation and often with an example if needed. His beneficial message was concluded by an important demand in matters of Awqaf

Qawa'id al-Awqaaf

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  • Author

    Muhammad Wa'il al-Hanbali

  • Volumes


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  • Edition

    1st Edition, 2017

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