The scholars are aware that there are many ahadith of Sahih al Bukhari that are repeated. The famous Muhadith Allamah bin Muhammad bin Abdul Latif Ash Sharj az Zabidi al Hanafi (893 A.H) has dropped the repeated narrations and has compiled all the ahadith of Sahih al Bukhari.


For a long time, the need was felt that all the Ahadith of Sahih al- Bukhari (without the repititions) should be brought out to the masses, with translation and a brief explanation. Looking at this need, Maulana Mufti Sayed Abdul Jalil of South Africa, has drawn from more than 20 commentaries of Sahih al Bukhari, as well as other texts and commentaries, and has put together the work Nikatud Duraari in six volumes. This unique work, commentary of Tajreed al Bukhari.


Specialities of Nikaatud Duraari:


1) Brief discussion on the Ahadith of every chapter of Sahih al-Bukhari and bearing in mind the principle, "the Fiqh of Bukhari is in the chapter headings", the way and view of Imam Bukhari has been clarified.


2) Keeping in mind the the repeated narrations he has explained the other places where the Hadith is mentioned as well.


3) The Hadith of every chapter is written with the diacritical mark and it has been translated in a clear and easy way. Moreover, an explanation of the chapter heading is given, with the rulings drawn from it. The views of the Imams and concise proofs are also given.


4) The commentator has also given beneficial information with regards to the deviated sects and trials resulting from Daeef Hadith.


5) He has refuted the Ghayr Muqallids, Shia, atheists and others in detail.


6) He has explained about 1000 subtle points and aspects of wisdom, and it is in this regard that the book is named Nikaatud Duraari.


7) At the end of the book, the commentator has given the biographies of fifty famous hadith scholars and narrators.


8) All the subject matter, views and proofs are provided together with references.


Nikaatud Duraari Commentary of Tajreedul Bukhari

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    Mufti Sayed Abdul Jalil

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