In this groundbreaking research, Lt. Col. Abdulaziz (Binimad) Al-Ateeqi unveils Makkah at c. 600 AD in greater detail than ever before. Relying on the oldest existing texts from authentic sources and relevant maps to resurrect the layout and geography of Makkah as it was during the lifetime of Prophet Muḥammad (PBUH) (570–632 AD), the book’s many exclusive maps and images provide a visual representation of the Holy City that remained seemingly impossible prior to this work.


Adding new layers of insight to existing scholarship with many unique discoveries of his own, the author first highlights little-known references to Makkah in the Bible, the Qurʾān, and other ancient sources before taking readers on a brief journey from the earliest of times up until the time period depicted in this captivating, in-depth look at the city of the Prophet’s birth.


With special sections dedicated to the history of Makkah’s clans and important landmarks like the Kaʿbah, Maqām Ibrāhīm, and the Prophet’s homes, the book’s 26 images also include original, full-color maps of Makkah’s mountains, valleys, homes, wells, pathways, and marketplaces, along with detailed descriptions of each landmark and numerous insights into the history, politics, and personalities of Makkah during a crucial period, making this volume an essential companion to anyone with an interest in the Prophet’s biography and the history of Islam.

Makkah at the Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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    Binimad Al-Ateeqi 

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    Independently Published

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