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Kitāb al-Arba’īn Fil Adhān is a unique collection of 42 narrations regarding the virtues and jurisprudence of Adhān, accompanied with a commentary in Arabic. The book has the following features:


  • Concise and comprehensive commentary and Takhrīj of each narration.
  • Various rulings pertaining to Adhān such as Tathwīb, Tarassul and Iltifāt explained in a simplified manner, incorporating the views of all four schools of thought.
  • Detailed analysis of the history, wisdom, benefits and methodology of Adhān.
  • Wider use of Adhān and whether the Prophet ﷺ performed Adhān.
  • Profiles of the five Muadhdhins of the Prophetic era.
  • Use of 288 Arabic and Urdu sources including the recently published Sharḥ Abī Dawūd by Ibn Raslān (844 H.) and the research of Muḥaddith al-‘Aṣr Sheikh Yunus Jownpūrī.
  • Use of Red and Black and numbers to simplify reading and ease comprehension.
  • A detailed profile of the author Mufti Shabbīr Aḥmad


Kitāb al-Arba’īn Fil Adhān (40 Hadith on Adhan)

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  • Author

    Mufti Shabbir Ahmed

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    Nawadir Publishers

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