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We live in a time of research and study. Over the last few decades, academics and thinkers have started to pay increasingly more attention to Islam and the various sciences it has to offer.


One such a science, which has intrigued the academia for centuries and continues to do so today, is the science of Hadith. Since it is one of the corner stones of the Shari'ah, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the fundamental terminologies and discussions of this indispensable science.


It, therefore, gives Zam Zam Publishers great joy to present this concise treatise to the scholars and academia around the world and it is hoped that it would further their understanding of Islam as a whole.

Khayrul Usul fi Hadithir Rasul

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  • Author

    Mawlana Khayr Muhammad Jalandheri

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    Zam Zam Publishers

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