The beard is a Sunnah of the prophets and to keep it a fist length is Masnun.A book was published in Iraq al-Liyhah Fi Nazr al-Din which comprised of the works of the following four scholars: Shaykh Ali al-Tantawi, Shaykh Nasir al-Din al-Bani, Shaykh Abd al-Aziz bin Baz and Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Sabiq.


Mawlana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar translated the work and published it as Hilyah al-Muslimin. Mawlana Husain Ahmad Madni’s work I’fa al-Lihyah and Mufti Ashiq Ilahi’s work on the beard was also added to later editions. Along with the Fatawa of Mufti Kifayatullah, Mufti Aziz al-Rahman Uthmani and Mawlana Ahmad Ali Lahori in regards to the impermissibility of shortening the beard to less than a fist’s length.

Hilyah al-Muslimeen

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    Mawlana Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar

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    Maktabah Safdariyyah, Gujranwala

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