Madinah Munawwarah carries special significance for every Muslim because it bears within its sands the traces of prophetic magnificence. This blessed city brings joy and emotion to the heart. Standing at its threshold strengthens a Muslim's spiritual link with Nabi (SAW)


Visiting the Rawdhah (grave of the Nabi (SAW)) is among the greatest bounties that a Muslim can be blessed with. Millions of Muslims around the world crave for this opportunity. One who is blessed with this bounty should utilise it wisely by being spiritually prepared for it in advance.


This book provides information about the city of Madinah Munawwarh. Together with interesting incidents that transpired through the centuries of Islam, it highlights the virtues of the city, the etiquette to be observed when visiting it, and gives background information about some of the commonly visited sites. It tells of the respect and humility shown by the pious ones in the presence of Nabi (SAW) and their love for him.


By reading this book, visitors to Madinah Munawwarah will Insh-Allah be inspired to spiritually prepare themselves when they undertake the blessed journey to the city of our beloved Nabi (SAW).















Golden Pages from Madinah Munawwarah

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    Mawlana Afzal Ismail

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