Tafsir al-Jalalayn of Imam al-Mahalli and Imam as-Suyuti is classed amongst those short yet beneficial books of exegesis which discusses the different strands of Tafsir in clear text without mentioning the differences of opinions between scholars or proofs.


The author of Kashf az-Zunun correctly states, "Despite its small size, it is vast in meaning as it is the very core of the books of Tasfir."

The discussions pertaining to the differences in Qira'at in terms of its pronunciation and i'rab is amongst those commented on by both Mufassirs in their Tafsir.


This book - Fath Rabb al-Mashriqayn - is one that provides clarity to the works of Imam al-Mahalli and Imam as-Suyuti which traces back the different Qira'at to the Seven Qurra'.


This book also deals with explaining the text of both Mufassirs, mentions the different meanings obtained from the various Qira'at and details what the scholars have written in regards to the preference of Qira'at.

Fath Rab al-Mashriqayn

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    Maulana Ibrahim Peerbhai

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    Zamzam Publishers

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