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Increasingly Muslims have been persuaded to question their faith by atheists who argue:


1. Religion is the cause of all evil and wars

2. With so much suffering and evil in the world, how can God exist?

3. The theory of evolution is fact, removing the need for a God; and 

4. Science is the only source of Knowledge


Muslims who internalise these views without scrutiny do so at the risk of harming their faith.


This book aims to address some of the common atheist arguments and in so doing will:


1. Highlight how the Islamic faith is consistent with sound reasoning;

2. Increase confidence to present Islamic beliefs without a sense of intellectual inferiority; and

3. Demonstrate the flaws in the arguments of the atheists.

Faith & Reason Dispelling Doubts

  • Author

    Mawlana Asim S Khan

  • Volumes


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  • Publisher

    Al Hikmah Press

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