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What did Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyya think about Sufism? Did they criticize Sufism as something foreign to Islam? Or did they accept it as an essential part of the religion? If you ask a Sufi you may get one answer, and if you ask a Salafi you will likely get another. But we don’t need to ask either Sufis or Salafis. Both Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn al Qayyim , whom Salafis revere, left authentic writings that tell us what they thought about Sufis in their own words. The answer is clear: not only did these “Salafi Imams”, along with others, approve of Sufism, they and their students practiced it themselves.


But don't take our word for it. Read their thoughts on Sufism for yourself in, Sufism and the Imams of the Salafi Movement, an English translation of Shaykh Abdul Hafiz al-Makki’s book, Mawqif A’immah al-Harakah al-Salafiyya min al-Tassawwuf w’al Sufiyyah.


Translated by Mawlana Ismaeel Nakhuda, this book is a compilation of the authentic words of various Imams who are revered by the modern reformist movement known as Salafism. The reader will be able to see for themself what these renowned scholars had to say about Sufis, and Insha Allah come to realize that Tasawwuf is indeed an indispensable part of one’s religious practice.

Sufism and the Imams of the Salafi Movement

  • Translator

    Ismaeel Nakhuda

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    Nur Publications

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