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This is a combination of two valuable books: 

1) The Shari Laws regarding Iddat

2) FLowers of Women


The first outlines the laws of Iddat, its meaning, importance, necessary do's and donts.

How to spend the Iddat and upon whom and how to calculate have been explained.


The second is in a easy question and answer fromat.

It defines Haiz, Nifaas, Istihaazah and explains the types of laws of Haiz.


Laws regarding Salaah, Fasting, Itikaaf, reading of Quraan, Ahadith, Fiqh, Duas, Zikr, Hajj and Umrah in Haiz, Nifaas and Istihaaza have been mentioned.



Special Laws for Females

  • Author

    Mufti M.R Jameel

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Zam Zam Publishers, Karachi

  • Pages


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