1) SImple easy to read shadow interpretation of the Quran


2) Based on the famous classical work Jalalayn.


3) Notes in the brackets to facilitate understanding.


4) Relative information taken from Tafsir Uthmani


5) Every effort to remove Israeli narrations


6) Has an introductin to the Quran, explaining how the Quran reached us, its various stages of compilations etc.


7) Each Surah is Preceded with a) why its name b)Link to previous Surah c)Summary of Surah d) The gist and essence of the Surah


8) Has a glossary of terms and names.


9) At the end an Index is given for topic searcg purposes


Many Institutes of learning use it as part of their curriculum!

Quran Made Easy

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  • Author

    Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

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  • Publisher

    Zamzam Publishers

  • Edition

    Revised Edition, 2020

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