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To achieve a deep and coherent understanding of any language, it is of imperative importance that an individual grasps the fundamental and foundational rules along with working on increasing the vocabulary within that language.


This volume covers the introduction of Arabic morphology (sarf), building from the basic level. It introduces all the famous nineteen scales with their past tense, present/future tense, imperative, prohibitive, emphatic forms and much more. Furthermore, it builds onto the ‘small charts’ (sarf sagheer) for these words and also provides other words for practice. The compilation also indicates to the ‘special meanings’ and nuances of each scale. Even though this volume does not delve into the ‘advanced variations’ of these nineteen scales, a small introduction to these ‘advance variations’ is mentioned within this volume. Finally, some words regarded difficult in the Holy Qur’an by Arabic morphology students have been mentioned and explained within this volume.

Al-Jami’ li-Ilm al-Sarf Part 2 (a comprehensive study of Arabic Morphology)

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  • Translator

    Mawlana Muawiyah Ibn Mufti Abdussamad

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda

  • Edition

    1st Edition

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