The Great Scholar of Tafseer Muhammad al-Amin ash-Shanqiti (Professor of Sheikh al-Uthaymeen) gives us a Tafseer recognized having the particularity to explain among others the Quran by the Quran.


1 - The author gives an explanation of the verses of every sura of the Quran based on the Quran itself. This implies that it is not all verses which are discussed, because many verses had not been clarified by others, but the sunnah.

2 - The author is based on the seven readings of the Quran.

3 - Through the exegesis of the verses, the author expands some scientific research to benefit to readers the following:

Questions of fiqh: the author quotes about multiple legal issues arising fromQur'anic verses, the opinions of different imams of Islam `as Malik, Shafi` i, IbnHanbal, Abu Hanifa and others, and bears his choice on the authentic legal evidence.

Language Issues

Dogmatic questions: questions of belief of the people of the Sunnah and consensus.

Questions legal bases (ussool al-fiqh)


  • Author

    al-Shaykh Muhamamad al-Amin ibn Muhammad al-Shanqiti

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Dar al-'Alamiyyah

  • Edition

    1st Edition, 2014

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