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As a student, i felt we were thrown into the deep end and without first having an introduction to fiqh in general, and the Hanafi Madhhab specifically. We studied Mukhtasar al-Quduri in the second year of our program, but we had not been formally introduced to al-Imam Abu Hanifah, his methodology, his students, and the school of thought that developed from it. We were given bits and pieces of information here and there, but nothing in a formal and structured manner. That is where the idea for this book came from.


I believe it is very beneficial for students of seminaries to have a brief, yet comprehensive introduction to the school; its history, development, growth, expansion, eponymous founder, important figures, methodology and works.


It is essential reading for all Islamic university and seminary students and will provide them with an overview of the Madhhab. It is also beneficial as an introduction to fiqh, how to study fiqh, and the idea of taqlīd, or adopting a school of thought to follow.

A Brief Introduction to the Hanafi Madhhab

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    Furhan Zubairi

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