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Second Edition! Now Available!


This concise yet comprehensive work was authored by the Hanafi scholar, Qadi Muhammad Kami ibn Ibrahim (d. 1136 H). He commences the book with biographies of the four Mujtahid Imams, then several other Mujtahid scholars, followed by biographies of the Hanafi Fuqaha'.


This book was first printed in Damascus, Syria in 2010-2011 with the tahqiq of Shaykh Muhammad Khalid al-Kharsah, whereafter it remained out of print. The Muhaqqiq, who has since relocated to Turkey, decided to republish the book as a second edition and while doing so, sought out manuscripts that he had not used when publishing the first edition. In this revised edition, he utilised a total of eight manuscripts.


The Muhaqqiq has also undertaken a great deal of effort in tracing back the information mentioned by the author to their primary sources, which proves to be extremely useful.

مهام الفقهاء الحنفية الأنجاب في طبقات الحنفية

  • ۢAuthor

    Qadhi Muhammad Kami Darwesh

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Markaz Harf lil Bahath

  • Edition

    2nd Edition, 2022

  • Pages


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