Ibn Abidin’s famous Radd al-Muhtar is a hashiyah on ad-Durr al-Mukاtar by al-Haskafi, with Durr being a sharh of at-Tumurtashi’s Tanwir al-AbsarFrom amongst the various Hanafi Mutun, Tanwir was selected as it covers a huge amount of furu, making it perfect as a basis for a fatwa manual.


There unfortunately has never been a muhaqqaq edition of it previously available.


This new edition is special in that it was edited using the authors own manuscript of Tanwir as well as his manuscript of Minhah al-Ghaffar, his sharh on Tanwir.


The muhaqqqiq added on short footnotes, explaining difficult passages, taking these explanations from either Ibn Abidin, Haskafi or from Minah al-Ghaffar.


Published by Dar al-Minhaj al-Qawim, a publisher known for their high-quality prints


Mufti Husain Kadodia

تنوير الابصار وجامع البحار للتمرتاشي

  • Author

    Shamsuddin al-Tumurtashi

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Dar al-Minhaj al-Qaweem

  • Edition

    1st Edition, 2021

  • Pages


  • Muhaqqiq

    Abdur Rahman Muhammad al-Kharsah