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"الملخص في أصول الحديث مع توضيح اصطلاحات الحنفية" 

This comprehensive book serves as a valuable guide to the foundational principles of Hadith, coupled with detailed explanations of Hanafi terminology. Delving into the science of Hadith, the book provides a thorough overview of its principles, methodologies, and terminology, catering to both scholars and students. With clarity and precision, the text navigates through the intricacies of Hadith scholarship, offering insights into the unique linguistic nuances and terminologies within the Hanafi tradition.


الملخص في اصول الحديث مع توضيح اصطلاحات الحنفية

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  • Author

    Abdul Azim al-Balyawi

  • Volumes


  • Publisher

    Maktbah al-Khayr

  • Edition

    2nd Edition, 2020

  • Pages


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