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A book of fiqh like no other, this work and its author are highly praised by Allamah Kawthari. 

The book, authored in 570AH, shows ikhtilaf in a different light to normal works, trying to show in each issue which view is based on taqwa and which on fatwa. 


The book is divided into three parts. 

The first being a detailed muqaddimah to ilm, filled with advice and adab for students and ulama. The second on fiqh and the third on ilm al-batin. 


A very rare book, the only known manuscript is the author's own copy, found in a distant part of Turkey. The book might contain fawaid and nuqul not quoted in later books of fiqh, as none of the famous fuqaha seem to have had access to it.

Unfortunately, the second volume of the manuscript is lost, so only half the book is found. The balance of the fiqh section and the ilm al-batin section are missing


Mufti Husain Kadodia

الجمع بين الفتوى والتقوى في مهمات الدين والدنيا

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  • Author

    Imam Sa'id Ahmed al-Razi al-Hanafi

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  • Publisher

    Maktabah al-Irshad

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